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xMarkup is a text transformation utility for processing of a set of text files. Supports ANSI and UTF-8 encodings. The transformations performed by utility can be extremely complicated comparing to ordinal search&replace procedures. Actually the utility uses a procedural language, with help of which any algorithms of text transformations can be implemented. However, using of these procedural extensions are needed only for a few cases. For most cases it is enough to define start and stop marks for searched text elements and describe templates of their transformation. Processing may be organized as one single step (script) or many sequental steps (script-by-script). Each xMarkup script may be builded as binary executable file to boost performance.

xMarkup utility can be successfuly used for following tasks:

xMarkup was born initaially as amateur software, but now it's intensively used for preparing publications on the site of Russian Virtual Library.

xMarkup for MS Windows includes GUI and console engine written on the Icon Programming Language. Starting with version 3.4 programming environment of xMarkup was changed from Icon to Unicon Programming Language. Unicon is a next generation of Icon and on 100% compatible with it. Unlike Icon it's dynamically developing and completly supports Windows OS. Unicon greatly extends the features of xMarkup comparing with Icon, for example:

As Icon (Unicon) is a cross-platform language xMarkup utility may be used on any system, which supports it. At the moment Icon (Unicon) is available for following UNIX systems:

To build binary file of xMarkup on non-Windows system you shall install Icon (Unicon) compiler and then make utility from the source code (see instruction).

Starting with version 3.2 xMarkup GUI was ported to open-source IDE Lazarus. So, it's became possible to port it to Linux and Mac OS too.

An example of graphical visualization by xMarkup:

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